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Sainsburys Don’t put your avocados on a diet TV ad advert 2016

Release Date: Sep-2016
Sainsbury's TV Advert • Sainsbury's advertsiment • Don’t put your avocados on a diet • Sainsbury's Don’t put your avocados on a diet TV Advert • They’re creamy, refreshing and delicious with eggs and smashed into guacamole. But they do tend to do things by halves. To stop your leftover avocado going dry and brown, store halved fruits in the fridge with the stone left in. They’ll look all the better for that little extra weight.

0:00 be honest I'm looking a bit plump you look fine i feel like i should lose a
0:05 stone a stop-start fact new you follow them great monounsaturated fats suppose
0:13 anyway if you lose two more she went up like Tina you don't want that
0:18 oh she's behind me and she Oh No

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Sainsburys tv advertising
Sainsburys tv Commercial

SainsburysDon’t put your avocados on a diet Commercial

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