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Clas Ohlson Energy efficient LED bulbs TV ad advert 2016

Release Date: Sep-2016
Clas Ohlson
Clas Ohlson TV Advert • Clas Ohlson advertsiment • Energy efficient LED bulbs • Clas Ohlson Energy efficient LED bulbs TV Advert •
0:00 at closing some we have a wide range of energy efficient and long life LED
0:04 lights we have bike lights torches and even head torches so you're never left
0:09 in the dark we have stylish lighting ideas we are home from a wide range of
0:15 bulbs two lamps & shades and lots of string lights for the extra special
0:19 touch
0:21 oh and of course we also sell fuses that's only something everything you
0:27 need when you need it


Clas Ohlson tv advertising
Clas Ohlson tv Commercial

Clas OhlsonEnergy efficient LED bulbs Commercial

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