Colgate Sensitive Pro-Relief advert

Release Date: 2016-09-23
Colgate TV Advert • Colgate advertsiment • Sensitive Pro-Relief • Colgate Sensitive Pro-Relief TV Advert • Take an extra bite out of life with Colgate Sensitive Pro-Relief. For instant* and lasting relief from sensitive teeth so you can enjoy the food and drinks you love!

0:00 hello I'm general example and I'm Katie pics and we've been challenged by
0:03 colgate sensitive probably to come up with some recipes that would normally be
0:07 a no-no for anyone with sensitive teeth hot crunchy cold or sour
0:12 these boots are delicious and your teeth shouldn't be what stops you from
0:16 enjoying them the new colgate sensitive probably frame provides extra care and
0:19 targeted pain relief to take an extra bite out of life with colgate sensitive
0:23 pro really try colgate's most advanced range for instant and lasting pain
0:29 relief

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Colgate tv advertising
Colgate tv Commercial

ColgateSensitive Pro-Relief advert
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