BP Ultimate with ACTIVE technology advert

Release Date: 2016-09-23
BP TV Advert • BP advertsiment • Ultimate with ACTIVE technology • BP Ultimate with ACTIVE technology TV Advert • Watch our new television ad, introducing our best ever dirt-busting fuels in the UK. BP Ultimate with ACTIVE technology has been specially designed to actively fight dirt, protect against it building up and so help engines run as the manufacturer intended.

0:01 would you look at that
0:05 what a drag and they're not user looks like your engine is clogging up with
0:10 dirt must feel like lugging around one of these over time you be the ultimate
0:15 with active technology eats up the dump like a thousand ravenous piranhas look
0:21 at those we fellows go engines clean with BP ultimate could give you up to 21
0:25 more miles per tank
0:27 I'll be here if you need me


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BPUltimate with ACTIVE technology advert
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