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Opel Zafira with OnStar - Guardian angel on board TV ad advert 2016

Release Date: Sep-2016
Opel TV Advert • Opel advertsiment • Zafira with OnStar - Guardian angel on board • Opel Zafira with OnStar - Guardian angel on board TV Advert • Chill out! as your kids would say. Thanks to Automatic Crash Response from Opel OnStar, with the new Zafira you don’t need to worry. Your loved ones always have a guardian angel on board. It automatically sends help – and never chills out.

Opel OnStar – your personal connectivity and service assistant – with Automatic Crash Response, 4G/LTE Wi-Fi Hotspot, smartphone app and much more. In the new Opel Zafira.

0:03 I’m a nervous wreck. They’ve never been away with the car by themselves.
0:06 Don’t worry! They’ll be fine.
0:07 But what if something happens?
0:09 Look, the Zafira has OnStar. So if there’s an accident, they get help straight away. It’s fully automatic!
0:13 I don’t care. I’m going to call them.
0:16 You could let them leave first!
0:22 Feel safe at all times. The new Zafira. With the unique Automatic Crash Response from Opel OnStar.


Opel tv advertising
Opel tv Commercial

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