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IBM Watson on Personalisation TV ad advert 2016

Release Date: Sep-2016
IBM TV Advert • IBM advertsiment • Watson on Personalisation • IBM Watson on Personalisation TV Advert • What’s Watson working on today? He’s working with 1-800-Flowers to help find the perfect bouquet out of trillions of combinations. He’s working with the New York Genome Center to help doctors find treatments as personal as DNA. And he’s working with Sesame Street to make education as unique as every child.

0:00 they say the world does not revolve around you but today maybe you can I am
0:08 helping 1 800 flowers find the perfect gift out of trillions of combinations
0:13 and working with the new york genome Center to find treatments as personal as
0:18 DNA and I am helping Sesame Street make education unique to every child
0:23 hello my name is Watson working together we can out think anything


IBM tv advertising
IBM tv Commercial

IBMWatson on Personalisation Commercial

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