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IBM Cloud Designed for Innovation TV ad advert 2016

Release Date: Sep-2016
IBM TV Advert • IBM advertsiment • Cloud Designed for Innovation • IBM Cloud Designed for Innovation TV Advert • On the IBM Cloud, Whirlpool Corporation is able to help harness and make sense of IoT sensor data from connected appliances out in the real world using advanced analytics. Helping them make great products even better.

0:00 when whirlpool builds an appliance they put everything they know into it but
0:06 once it's sold there usually isn't a way to keep improving that product today
0:12 whirlpool can analyze IOT sensor data from connected appliances on the IBM
0:16 cloud so they can continuously learn how customers are using their products and
0:21 how the machines respond harnessing data to make great products better
0:26 that's what the IBM cloud is built for


IBM tv advertising
IBM tv Commercial

IBMCloud Designed for Innovation Commercial

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