IBM Cloud Built for Personalisation advert 2016

Release Date: 2016-09-21
IBM TV Advert • IBM advertsiment • Cloud Built for Personalisation • IBM Cloud Built for Personalisation TV Advert • With Watson on the IBM Cloud, WayBlazer is helping create travel experiences that revolve around you. Learn more about Watson on the IBM Cloud.

0:00 when you travel you want your needs to be understood
0:05 no matter where you go you want an experience that feels highly
0:09 personalized with Watson on the IBM cloud travel companies like way blazer
0:14 can apply cognitive analytics to social data to understand what a destination is
0:19 really like and who exactly it will appeal to today Watson is helping
0:23 businesses create experiences that revolve around you because that's what
0:27 the IBM cloud is built for


IBM Cloud Built for Personalisation advert
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