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Colgate BloggerSpots LizaPrideaux TV ad advert 2016

Release Date: Sep-2016
Colgate TV Advert • Colgate advertsiment • BloggerSpots LizaPrideaux • Colgate BloggerSpots LizaPrideaux TV Advert •
0:03 beauty listening to use it find your qualities thinking positive options is
0:08 not something i've always had as a child as a teenager or even as an ad out when
0:13 i was younger i am I have braces and since then
0:16 everyone is always complimented on my smile I like to use the colgate max
0:19 white and expert white toothpaste makes my teeth so white so bright and i'm so
0:25 confident and walking out that door
0:27 knowing that my smile is bright and white don't just look your best be your
0:31 best
0:32 we've colgate expert white

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Colgate tv advertising
Colgate tv Commercial

ColgateBloggerSpots LizaPrideaux Commercial

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