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Virgin Media Masters of Entertainment TV ad advert 2016

Release Date: Sep-2016
Virgin Media
Virgin Media TV Advert • Virgin Media advertsiment • Masters of Entertainment • Virgin Media Masters of Entertainment TV Advert • 7 year olds seem to be the only ones who know how to work all your entertainment and find all the shows you love. It’s time to simplify TV. Virgin TV is here, bringing all the TV you love together brilliantly.

0:00 I master entertainment
0:03 I know how to control your team
0:07 I know with remote control with pop I'm have to pass process from the tablet
0:17 anyone can find that episode you had to connect the laptop to the TV
0:27 social
0:40 we are the masters are playing to see me because we are saving you are not
0:48 tell
0:51 virgin TV is here
0:54 the TV love brilliantly brought together

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Virgin Media tv advertising
Virgin Media tv Commercial

Virgin MediaMasters of Entertainment Commercial

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