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Giffgaff Phones with Flexible Plans. That's us TV ad advert 2016

Release Date: Sep-2016
giffgaff TV Advert • giffgaff advertsiment • Phones with Flexible Plans. That's us • giffgaff Phones with Flexible Plans. That's us TV Advert • With us, your phone and plan are separate. So if you need to change what you spend each month, you can.
Same phones. Different network.

0:00 this is steve steve really wants the samsung galaxy s7 edge and gold one but
0:06 you can't decide what price point he should choose with giffgaff your phone
0:10 and planets etc if you want to change your plan that's right fellow with
0:14 flexible
0:15 gift-wrap same funds different network some joint


Giffgaff tv advertising
Giffgaff tv Commercial

GiffgaffPhones with Flexible Plans. That's us Commercial

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