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AO Cannon's Wok Burner with Lisa Faulkner TV ad advert 2016

Release Date: Sep-2016
AO TV Advert • AO advertsiment • Cannon's Wok Burner with Lisa Faulkner • AO Cannon's Wok Burner with Lisa Faulkner TV Advert •

0:04 so this model has a great handy wok burner which is basically a stand for
0:10 your walk
0:11 so what's great about it sits in the middle of it and heat goes all the way
0:14 around it so you get things could very very fast in your walk and very evenly
0:18 my daughter and I have a favorite which are green beans and sesame noodles and
0:24 we just launched the green beans
0:26 we've got some sesame oil some soy sauce some garlic bit of chili and some egg
0:30 noodles chuckerman with the beans and your source with him up like that and I
0:35 mean within minutes you've got a fantastic dish

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AO tv advertising
AO tv Commercial

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