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LeapFrog Scout Range advert

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Release Date: Sep-2016
LeapFrog TV Advert • LeapFrog advertsiment • Scout Range • LeapFrog Scout Range TV Advert • Their new best friend. LeapFrog UK 2016 Scout range TV advert featuring My Pal Scout and the new Count & Colours Band.

0:00 my pal scout is the interactive puppy power from leapfrog campos you alone and
0:07 is ready for some you normally find out to be your best friend all day and all
0:13 night
0:14 I me there with scouts counts and colors you can explore on world music playing
0:22 Scouts band and learn while you rock'n'roll the scouts and violet range
0:27 of learning to cook


LeapFrog tv advertising
LeapFrog tv Commercial

LeapFrogScout Range advert

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