Maltesers Dance Floor advert 2016

Release Date: 2016-09-12
Maltesers TV Advert • Maltesers advertsiment • Dance Floor • Maltesers Dance Floor TV Advert • When wedding celebrations end in disaster, at least one guest manages to look on the light side…
MALTESERS® believes that life is better when we don’t take things too seriously.
Maltesers. Look on the Light Side.

So, how was the big wedding?
0:01 Oh, haven't you heard?
0:02 So it's at the end of the night, everyone's on the dancefloor
0:04 really getting into it, you know?
0:06 And, say this is my left wheel...
0:10 ...and this is the bride's foot...
0:16 ...mush.
0:18 How awful!
0:19 Well, it wasn't all bad.
0:21 I left with the best man's number!
0:23 You are terrible!
0:25 Guilty!
0:26 I am not inviting you to my wedding!
0:28 You're off the list!


Maltesers Dance Floor advert
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