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Maltesers New Boyfriend advert

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Release Date: Sep-2016
Maltesers TV Advert • Maltesers advertsiment • New Boyfriend • Maltesers New Boyfriend TV Advert • When a romantic moment is interrupted by a spasm, our heroine takes it in her stride…
MALTESERS® believes that life is better when we don’t take things too seriously.
Maltesers. Look on the Light Side.

0:00 So, new boyfriend and we're back at his
0:04 getting a little, er
0:04 Frisky?
0:05 a little frisky
0:07 and my hands may have been er, wandering
0:10 Go on...
0:12 And then I start having a spasm
0:14 No!
0:15 which he misinterprets
0:18 So awkward!
0:19 He wasn't complaining.
0:25 You're so bad!
0:27 That's what he said


Maltesers tv advertising
Maltesers tv Commercial

MaltesersNew Boyfriend advert

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