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Suzuki S-Cross 4X4 challenge TV ad advert 2016

Release Date: Sep-2016
Suzuki TV Advert • Suzuki advertsiment • S-Cross 4X4 challenge • Suzuki S-Cross 4X4 challenge TV Advert • Is the S-Cross up to the 4x4 challenge? Watch it command the road.

0:00 we took the s-cross off word and then we tried it in two different terrains get
0:07 up and down hills going on love it surprised me that was a bit we had to
0:11 got like a hill and they had to hold the car there and it just it i was really
0:14 surprised how much for number one and they stayed there and didn't move while
0:18 that all grip system its is fantastic and then you obviously got the snow mode
0:24 you got sport mode keeping it in Lock first gear absolutely can go to anything

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Suzuki tv advertising
Suzuki tv Commercial

SuzukiS-Cross 4X4 challenge Commercial

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