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Beko Official partner of the everyday TV ad advert 2016

Release Date: Sep-2016
Beko TV Advert • Beko advertsiment • Official partner of the everyday • Beko Official partner of the everyday TV Advert • A true partner is not just a sponsor. A true partner stands by you. We´re the official partner of team spirit, not just on the pitch but also at home. We're the official partner of the moments that matter most. Beko. We’re the official partner of the everyday.

0:00 the name on this sleeve means where the official partner of FC barcelona the
0:04 name on everything else we like means with the official pun of every year and
0:09 every me we have the official partner of midnight adventurous of you for getting
0:15 her birthday and the way you fix it
0:18 starting the diet tomorrow yes with the official partner of dieters to we are
0:23 the official partner of this team spirit and this one we r baker with the
0:28 official partner of the everyday


Beko tv advertising
Beko tv Commercial

BekoOfficial partner of the everyday Commercial

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