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UNIQLO The Science of LifeWear TV ad advert 2016

Release Date: Sep-2016
UNIQLO TV Advert • UNIQLO advertsiment • The Science of LifeWear • UNIQLO The Science of LifeWear TV Advert • Why do we get dressed? There’s no one answer.
But to make clothes for life, we’ll keep asking.
That’s the Science of LifeWear.

0:00 everyday we get dressed
0:03 but why why do you get dressed to just throw something on because you're late
0:09 do you choose based on your mood for the weather the weather can change your mood
0:15 just like that
0:19 do you ask yourself can I pull this off
0:24 or am I fitting in
0:28 why do you want to fit in
0:33 why do you get dressed and assure to change how you feel warm colors were
0:38 these dopamine which is a fancy way of saying they can make you happy do you
0:44 dress to protect yourself something soft to make you feel secure
0:51 why do we get dressed there's no one answer but to make clothes for life will
0:57 keep asking
0:58 that's the science of life wide


UNIQLO tv advertising
UNIQLO tv Commercial

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