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Morrisons Meet Ross, dairy farmer from High Skeog farm in Scotland #ForFarmers Advert

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Release Date: Sep-2016
Morrisons TV Advert • Morrisons advertsiment • Meet Ross, dairy farmer from High Skeog farm in Scotland #ForFarmers • Morrisons Meet Ross, dairy farmer from High Skeog farm in Scotland #ForFarmers TV Advert • Ross and Katie live on High Skeog farm in southwest Scotland, with their two children and dog Rhubarb. A third generation farmer, Ross has been helping out on the farm ever since he could walk, with his Dad teaching him all that he has to know. With over 170 cows, Ross takes pride in sustaining the farm for the next generation.

0:03 i am from sybase Collins I was raised on this farm and my history farman is
0:10 really it's in the blood
0:11 my name's responds and this is high school part-time the third-generation
0:16 farming this farm and the same generations of Caillou's the same
0:20 bloodline because I've been here all that time on this farm i would say we're
0:25 very family-orientated you can see that with my father myself and even my
0:32 children starting to work on the farm the Morrisons farmer schemes helped us
0:37 allowing us to reinvest and methods and techniques to improve the coast welfare
0:44 and dt life in five years time I see myself exactly where I am now working on
0:50 the family farm will enjoy what I do farming Rome it and preserving it from
0:55 the next generation

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Morrisons tv advertising
Morrisons tv Commercial

MorrisonsMeet Ross, dairy farmer from High Skeog farm in Scotland #ForFarmers advert

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