EUKANUBA Puppy 3-6 Months advert

Release Date: 2016-09-01
EUKANUBA TV Advert • EUKANUBA advertsiment • Puppy 3-6 Months • EUKANUBA Puppy 3-6 Months TV Advert • As your puppy rapidly grows from infancy to 3-6 months, you’ll see incredible changes in his appearance and behaviour. Eukanuba supports his learning with DHA, an essential omega-3 fatty acid that will help you raise a smart and trainable companion.

0:00 as your puppy rapidly grows from infancy to three to six months you'll see
0:06 incredible changes in his appearance and behavior
0:09 eukanuba provides a recommended level of calcium to strengthen these new teeth
0:14 helping them to last a lifetime and it feeds his learning with DHA an essential
0:19 amiga 3 fatty acid that improves trainability you can use special blend
0:24 of antioxidants keeps your puppy protected as he encounters new people
0:28 places and friends to keep your puppy comfortable healthy and energized
0:33 feeding high quality nutrition today will help him become the best dog he can
0:39 be
0:39 eukanuba supporting your puppy for life


EUKANUBA tv advertising
EUKANUBA tv Commercial

EUKANUBAPuppy 3-6 Months advert
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