EUKANUBA Puppy 0-3 months old advert

Release Date: 2016-09-01
EUKANUBA TV Advert • EUKANUBA advertsiment • Puppy 0-3 months old • EUKANUBA Puppy 0-3 months old TV Advert • Learn how EUKANUBA provides the building blocks healthy brain development, a strong immune system and lean muscles and strong bones for your puppy from birth to 3 months.

0:00 in the 24 hours following birth your puppy gets protective antibodies from
0:05 his mother's milk as he grows eukanuba feeds your puppy strength with calcium
0:11 phosphorus and animal proteins these are the building blocks for lean muscle and
0:17 strong bones as his guardian you have to help take care of his developing immune
0:23 system you can do better supports healthy brain development with DHA
0:27 helping your puppy to become smart and trainable feeding high quality nutrition
0:33 today will help him become the best dog he can be
0:36 eukanuba supporting your puppy for life


EUKANUBA tv advertising
EUKANUBA tv Commercial

EUKANUBAPuppy 0-3 months old advert
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