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Vax Dual Power Pro - Orange TV ad advert 2016

Release Date: Aug-2016
Vax TV Advert • Vax advertsiment • Dual Power Pro - Orange • Vax Dual Power Pro - Orange TV Advert •
0:00 our birthdays a time to celebrate rejoice and eat like princes and
0:08 princesses but once the music has stopped and it's time to clean up the
0:13 back stoop our Pro will help you become king or queen of your castle again this
0:18 powerful deep cleaning and quick-drying carpet washer makes easy work of those
0:23 little accident giving new life to old carpets it'll even do your sofa powerful
0:28 quick-drying versatile and easy to use
0:31 you simply won't want to desert it so easy to use fantastic results my carpets
0:38 definitely look good is here to get your jewel powerpro carpet cleaner and a
0:42 freebox two-in-one steamer worth 5999 400-800 0116 580 now toward 499 pounds
0:50 96-well pay in four installments of 49 99

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Vax tv advertising
Vax tv Commercial

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