Vax Cordless SlimVac advert 2016

Release Date: 2016-08-22
Vax TV Advert • Vax advertsiment • Cordless SlimVac • Vax Cordless SlimVac TV Advert •
0:00 our breakfast the most important meal of the day and the messiest evidently i
0:06 mean some people are animals especially this one
0:10 q mum and by but don't worry the vax cordless slim back is here all sounds
0:18 powerful
0:19 it makes easy work of carpets and hard floors and anything else you put your
0:23 hand to its not afraid to tackle pet hair and will keep you right on track
0:27 and because it's powerful lightweight and effortless it's easy to get carried
0:31 away with it's all rather impressive don't you think of a cordless slim back
0:36 powerful lightweight and effortless
0:39 it's a great lightweight vacuum cleaner it's very powerful it's got a great
0:43 battery life it's brilliant
0:45 so for amazing results in a free honey toolkit worth over 50 pounds
0:49 gato 801 499 oh now to order for just 159 pounds in 96 saving you over 90
0:55 pounds or paying four installments of 39 99

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Vax Cordless SlimVac advert
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