B&Q Helpful Heroes paint advert

Release Date: 2016-08-18
B&Q TV Advert • B&Q advertsiment • Helpful Heroes paint • B&Q Helpful Heroes paint TV Advert • Here's Clark, B&Q paint pro! With Valspar paint, if he can scan it, he can match it. This colour connoisseur's got every surface covered...indoors, outdoors, even loo doors!

Come to B&Q for a great price and great advice.

0:00 his clock being q paper out without star paint if he can scan it we can match it
0:06 and this color connoisseur's got every surface covered in Dodge outdoors even
0:11 Lou doors and pick a scout we're slipping out come to being you for a
0:17 great price and great advice


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B&QHelpful Heroes paint advert
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