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Barclays Mobile Banking - There’s always more to discover TV ad advert 2016

Release Date: Aug-2016
Barclays TV Advert • Barclays advertsiment • Mobile Banking - There’s always more to discover • Barclays Mobile Banking - There’s always more to discover TV Advert • We asked some of our previously sceptical customers about the features they’ve used on the Barclays Mobile Banking app, and how they’ve found them helpful.

0:00 we asked some of our previously skeptical customers about the features
0:04 they have used on the Barclays mobile banking app and how they found them
0:08 helpful for a nice feature with the bark these actors when I do update you if
0:12 they've added anything new
0:14 it will give me a little pop-up and shiny or introduce me to that so I don't
0:18 miss anything else I notice that a before you couldn't set up a new payee
0:23 unless you have done it with the computer now you can do it directly on
0:27 the phone which is a great asset because it saves you a lot of time you can see
0:31 why are you standing orders and direct debits which will be happy for me
0:35 because I've got a few of them set up now so we're blowing the lost or stolen
0:37 car through the app is really good feature i'm actually going travelling in
0:40 September for a year so i don't really have a home address or you know my
0:44 contact details might change a bit so updating them in the app will be helpful
0:48 to download the app or learn more go to barclays . coat UK forward slash mobile
0:53 banking app

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Barclays tv advertising
Barclays tv Commercial

BarclaysMobile Banking - There’s always more to discover  Commercial

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