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Dacia Sandero Range advert

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Release Date: Aug-2016
Dacia TV Advert • Dacia advertsiment • Sandero Range • Dacia Sandero Range TV Advert • Like the look of the shiny Dacia Sandero Range? It's simple, honest and perfect whether your journey takes you down the local shops, or over your local Corsican dam. Discover why four million people have already fallen in love with Dacia and book a test drive

0:00 whoo look at that shiny touches and arrow gliding effortlessly across a big
0:04 down 3-1 barren desert down a glorious sweeping coastal road records corsica
0:12 lovely doctor has come a really long way in a really short time selling over 4
0:17 million cars worldwide including the Duchess and arrow what cars best small
0:22 car under 12,000 pounds for the fourth year running the Duchess and arrow range
0:26 from 595 nature
0:29 you do the math check these Duchess out go on click there you know you want to


Dacia tv advertising
Dacia tv Commercial

DaciaSandero Range advert

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