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Nivea Creme Care Cleansing with Roxi advert

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Release Date: Aug-2016
Nivea TV Advert • Nivea advertsiment • Creme Care Cleansing with Roxi • Nivea Creme Care Cleansing with Roxi TV Advert • Food, friends and skin care treats – what more do you need for a girly night in? Discover what beauty vlogger Roxi and pals got up to at her sleepover.

0:00 hi later and Sabrina and today we're going to be doing like a girly sleepover
0:06 type of videos like a DC paper we decided to order some food in a super
0:11 would be complete without getting into your pjs that you remove my makeup we
0:15 decided to use the Navy a new range of gentle cleansers and these are great
0:18 products to use for your everyday kind of skin care regime as the new
0:22 nourishing formulas are so gentle on the skin it really deeply cleanses and
0:26 removes any makeup and it makes your skin feel really soft to the touch
0:30 i'm also using the cleansing lotion and i'm using this on a cotton pad and the
0:34 last step
0:35 if you think the cleansing cream wash which i am using all over the face and
0:39 this product really makes my skin feel so smooth and really clean and lastly
0:43 i'm using a hot flannel to remove your product


Nivea tv advertising
Nivea tv Commercial

NiveaCreme Care Cleansing with Roxi advert

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