Toyota Verso meets Kiteboarding advert 2016

Release Date: 2016-08-05
Toyota TV Advert • Toyota advertsiment • Verso meets Kiteboarding • Toyota Verso meets Kiteboarding TV Advert • Often kite sports take place on the water, but kite landboarding keeps you dry and is a great way for beginners to experience the power and adrenaline rush of kite sports. Plus, as our kiteboarders showed, with experience and skill, the jumps get bigger and the tricks more tricky! Find out why the Verso is the perfect counterpart to their active lifestyle

0:00 I like the freedom of it for me is the social side of it right with you made
0:07 seven laughs is there something to give you a real natural high flying through
0:11 the air
0:11 that's so crazy
0:16 nothing more amazing and beyond just race along the board jump and just have
0:20 the same time their time we can on a kite and the freedom to do you like most
0:24 regular sons that we do I mean for myself
0:27 I'm an old-school writers board off so I jump up in the air fly to the board off
0:31 throw and then try and catch it again and trying a little bad for batting in
0:34 the air
0:35 I've survived so long by being also safe with my kite boarding and everywhere
0:39 else in life and the verses really great that the safety features on a brilliant
0:43 I don't need to be dangerous anywhere else in my kite boarding is plenty


Toyota Verso meets Kiteboarding advert
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