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Vauxhall ADAM - The UK Limited Edition - #ADAMYourself TV ad advert 2016

Release Date: Aug-2016
Vauxhall TV Advert • Vauxhall advertsiment • ADAM - The UK Limited Edition - #ADAMYourself • Vauxhall ADAM - The UK Limited Edition - #ADAMYourself TV Advert • The winning design for the #ADAMYourself competition is 'Beautiful Red Head' by Akilah. You can purchase the #ADAMYourself Edition model or configure your very own Vauxhall ADAM

0:00 I'm Aquila and i'm super excited that you have chosen my design in Adam
0:06 yourself competition of the white exterior with the red roof top in
0:10 combination of the black and white wheels can travel to the city of my
0:13 friends and really stand out
0:15 and so commuting make sure you get your own beautiful redhead as a limited
0:20 edition or can figure out your own Adam to find out more go to box for kody kay


Vauxhall tv advertising
Vauxhall tv Commercial

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Vauxhall ADAM - The UK Limited Edition - #ADAMYourself
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