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Lidl #LidlSurprises : British Sliced Curly Kale Advert

Lidl #LidlSurprises: What do cattle eat during the Winter? TV ad advert 2016

Release Date: Aug-2016
Lidl TV Advert • Lidl advertsiment • #LidlSurprises: What do cattle eat during the Winter? • Lidl #LidlSurprises: What do cattle eat during the Winter? TV Advert • Watch John describe what he feeds his cattle all year round to ensure he produces the best quality Scotch Beef.

0:00 so they're just out in the whole time no no if you were here in November you
0:04 would understand why we don't have them out in November i'm guessing you have a
0:07 lot of snow
0:07 yeah we gettin frost as well my class starts going to the right in the field
0:10 here from about me begin to me to vote mid-october
0:13 then we'll and sailed the grass tickles losing some of them need silence so we
0:17 feed that all through the winter thing

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Lidl tv advertising
Lidl tv Commercial

Lidl#LidlSurprises: What do cattle eat during the Winter? Commercial

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Lidl #LidlSurprises : British Sliced Curly Kale
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