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O2 More for you. From O2. Like New TV ad advert 2016

Release Date: Aug-2016
O2 TV Advert • O2 advertsiment • More for you. From O2. Like New • O2 More for you. From O2. Like New TV Advert • We wouldn't sell you a lemon. Our second-hand phones are Like New. We put every second-hand phone through our five point check and sort them into our grading system - Perfect, Almost Perfect and Perfectly Fine. And if you change your mind, you'll have 14 days to return it, just like a new phone.

We know that your phone's more than just a phone. Which is why we're more than just a network

0:00 you know what that secondhand phone you order online is kind of like it's sort
0:05 of like a dodgy used car
0:07 only more phone sized that first super delighted
0:12 price-wise it's a steal did you finally got all those extra jazzy fridges
0:18 but as time goes by you get to notice him something's up with your use to
0:23 cover its acting kind of unreliable and it keeps Polly dialing your mother
0:29 pink quartz
0:31 yeah
0:33 looks like you've been sold a lemon for a citrus fruit of some kind
0:37 and the worst thing is at dodging scam 53 doesn't do refinance not so without
0:44 to their second hand phones are the real deal
0:48 trust me it's a g8 or like new phones come with a warranty 5 . check 14 day
0:54 return policy
0:56 another way we do more for you Oh two more for you


O2 tv advertising
O2 tv Commercial

O2More for you. From O2. Like New Commercial

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