O2 Second-hand phone surprise - Btekt advert

Release Date: 2016-08-01
O2 TV Advert • O2 advertsiment • Second-hand phone surprise - Btekt • O2 Second-hand phone surprise - Btekt TV Advert • Why risk it? We wouldn't sell you a lemon. Our second-hand phones are Like New.

We put every second-hand phone through our five point check and sort them into our grading system - Perfect, Almost Perfect and Perfectly Fine. And if you change your mind, you'll have 14 days to return it

0:00 and we're going to do an unboxing video it's tempting to see if you can save
0:03 that stack of money by buying your smartphone through secondhand retail
0:06 site okay so it looks okay from the offset
0:10 oh that's terrific up
0:13 no back-cover no back-cover whatsoever a very light tap and you'll be flinging
0:19 the battery up


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O2Second-hand phone surprise - Btekt advert
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