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Siemens American Style Fridge Freezers advert

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Release Date: Aug-2016
Siemens TV Advert • Siemens advertsiment • American Style Fridge Freezers • Siemens American Style Fridge Freezers TV Advert • Siemens American Style models of fridge freezer combine fridge and freezer in one bigger unit. The double-door American refrigerators have a large interior space, offering extra room for your food with hyperFresh technology. Explore the attractive technical extras: the convenient water dispenser provides fresh drinking water at any time. Some American refrigerators also provide ice cubes and crushed ice automatically at the touch of a button – it couldn't be easier. American models combine fridge and freezer in one unit, and add pure luxury.

0:00 the news side by side fridge freezer for unlimited space in life
0:06 fifty-five percent more space allows you to store your food the way you want
0:12 while maintaining an organized space
0:16 on the outside the ice and water dispenser offers you fresh ice cubes and
0:20 pool water
0:21 anytime you want
0:24 on the inside modern energy-saving LED lights illuminate the various storage
0:30 options presently and harmoniously
0:35 all powered by ice and sorry
0:39 siemens the future moving in


Siemens tv advertising
Siemens tv Commercial

SiemensAmerican Style Fridge Freezers advert

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Siemens American Style Fridge Freezers
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