Volkswagen Motability - Raisins advert 2016

Release Date: 2016-08-01
Volkswagen TV Advert • Volkswagen advertsiment • Motability - Raisins • Volkswagen Motability - Raisins TV Advert • A car doesn’t just get us from A to B. It's a place for reflection, space and independence. A place for silence or for talk.
Sat side by side, cocooned within this intimate, four-walled space we have precious time to spend with loved ones.
This experience is invaluable to everyone. Which is why we believe going for a drive should be accessible to all.
It’s more than just a drive.

0:00 you didn't remind me to get races
0:04 how can I don't have ways
0:07 I knew you'd forget to remind me we bought some last week
0:11 meta should have written it down I should have made a list and need raisins
0:17 it's a tea cake
0:21 you didn't remind me to get races
0:27 the radial
0:31 mom
0:35 that's a lovely sight
0:44 yeah
0:47 I'm going to make some nothing cakes often himself
0:50 I know you will


Volkswagen Motability - Raisins advert
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