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Sky Talk - The Secret Life of Pets - Grandma’s Roast advert

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AA Summer Offer 2017 Advert
Essilor Hailey Baldwin. Bolon's ambassador Advert
Release Date: Aug-2016
Sky TV Advert • Sky advertsiment • Talk - The Secret Life of Pets - Grandma’s Roast • Sky Talk - The Secret Life of Pets - Grandma’s Roast TV Advert • Staring Max, a pampered Terrier mix, as he accidentally makes a call to his owner’s Grandma—dreamily listening to her tales of dinner while the cost of the call continues to rise. Grandma needs Sky Talk where she can pick a pack to suit her, including free calls to mobiles.

0:02 fans got your ball no the phone is calling someone here
0:09 you called me on my mom died about that cough sounds horrible
0:14 well don't worry about dinner time making sausages sausages
0:18 there's like guys you need to hang up wrapkin thinkin
0:21 well you could say bacon for hours on this call is gonna cost a fortune for
0:26 dessert
0:27 poke this is a cake three how school yeah
0:31 get free calls to mobiles with any sky talk back
0:37 sky they'll even better


Sky tv advertising
Sky tv Commercial

SkyTalk - The Secret Life of Pets - Grandma’s Roast  advert

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