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Danone Oykos Whip'n'Mix - Peter Andre TV ad advert 2016

Release Date: Jul-2016
danone TV Advert • danone advertsiment • Oykos Whip'n'Mix - Peter Andre • danone Oykos Whip'n'Mix - Peter Andre TV Advert • Introducing the newest divine indulgence from Oykos, Whip'n'Mix, the perfect harmony between lightly whipped, creamy Greek-Style mousse and rich, scrumptious fruit compote.

0:00 new Oracle swimmin mixes hand whipped into the light mousse its fruit pieces
0:05 are hand-picked and its hand delivered all by peter andre
0:10 well not really but isn't it nice to imagine you or course women mix
0:17 deliciousness wit

#Activia #Danone #yogurt #dannon #yoghurt #oykos #AbanCommercials

Danone tv advertising
Danone tv Commercial

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