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M&S Beauty: Joan Collins Answers 9 Cheeky Questions TV ad advert 2016

Release Date: Jul-2016
M&S TV Advert • M&S advertsiment • Beauty: Joan Collins Answers 9 Cheeky Questions • M&S Beauty: Joan Collins Answers 9 Cheeky Questions TV Advert • Beauty icon, actress and bestselling author Joan Collins shows off her cheeky side in this amusing quick-fire question and answer session to promote her Timeless Beauty make-up and skin care range at M&S.

0:00 so i am going to answer a few very rude questions shoulder pads or big hair
0:07 both do this you're Dallas deines eight-play context
0:13 oh no question decks lady chatterley's lover or fifty shades of grey
0:20 well let me see
0:23 definitely Lady Chatterley's Lover sequence or diamonds diamonds slickers
0:29 or Mars Bob
0:30 Snickers marry some money will marry for love love
0:36 vogue or playboy folk America or England
0:42 both

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M&S tv Commercial

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