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Barclays Fraud Smart - Cyber Crime 2016 TV ad advert 2016

Release Date: Jul-2016
Barclays TV Advert • Barclays advertsiment • Fraud Smart - Cyber Crime • Barclays Fraud Smart - Cyber Crime TV Advert 2016

0:00 karen was alone at home when she was maliciously robbed the thieves were in a
0:05 mountain moments but took more than 2,000 pounds by the time she realized
0:09 both they and her money will long gone
0:12 all she can remember was responding to an email from what she thought was her
0:15 bank asking how to confirm and security details that was all the invitation
0:20 criminals needed
0:21 you can't see cyber crime but there are ways to avoid it at barclays will never
0:27 ask you to confirm your security details by email

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Barclays tv advertising
Barclays tv Commercial

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