IKEA #MakeMoreThanJustFood - HÖGKLASSIG Induction Hob advert

Release Date: 2016-07-23
IKEA TV Advert • IKEA advertsiment • #MakeMoreThanJustFood - HÖGKLASSIG Induction Hob • IKEA #MakeMoreThanJustFood - HÖGKLASSIG Induction Hob TV Advert • A hob that wastes less heat, and cools down faster
so it’s safer to have more people cook together.

Spending time in the kitchen with the people we
love is about so much more than food. There’s
conversation, laughter, making a mess and, if we’re
lucky, something nice to eat at the end of it.

0:00 the her classy induction hob is a must-have hits up six percent faster
0:06 than a glass ceramic hob seven your time and money and by transferring heat
0:12 directly onto the pan
0:13 you'll do your best to save the planet to another great feature is that it cool
0:18 stands so much quicker than a ceramic home so you don't have to worry about
0:21 safety if you have lots of people in the kitchen when we cook together we make
0:25 more than just food

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IKEA tv advertising
IKEA tv Commercial

IKEA #MakeMoreThanJustFood - HÖGKLASSIG Induction Hob advert
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