Release Date: 2018-08-16
video TOMY Stink Bomz Sweaty Character Bio - From TOMY Advert 2018 • He’s way out of shape and he knows it.
He tries hard to be better, but he’s his own worst enemy. He thinks a sausage pizza with broccoli is a healthy choice. He’s may be out of breath and tends to lag behind, but he always manages to catch up. There’s no escaping from Sweaty.

00:00 stink bombs presents profiles instinct
00:03 sweaty sweaty was the youngest and
00:07 pontius to the set of non topless and
00:09 sweaty grill it was obvious he had one
00:12 true life sausage pizza the kid couldn't
00:16 get enough of it thin cost deep-dish
00:18 hand tossed triangle slices square
00:20 slices all of it although no one thought
00:23 sweaty could Hackett
00:24 he made his school's track team where he
00:26 came in last every single time his coach
00:29 told him he needed to work out more and
00:31 eat a healthy diet so sweaty decided to
00:34 combine his perfect face to his right he
00:36 added properly to improve his nutrition
00:38 and workout but still he was always dead
00:41 last and a walk home from yet another
00:45 less sweaty finally found his need for
00:47 species he got so fast he got gold
00:51 letters in as one individual and in
00:53 pizza eating yes pizza eating is an
00:56 event you can run but you can never
00:59 escape from sweating tune in next time
01:02 for these appliances to the world of
01:04 Roland stink bombs join the farty check
01:08 out the stink bombs app it's a gas and
01:11 remember
01:12 share this video and subscribe to the
01:14 stink bombs YouTube page
01:16 [Music]

- TOMY advertsiment spot 2018

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