Tefal Are you ready for an ice bath Spotted advert 2017

Release Date: 2017-07-14
video Tefal Are you ready for an ice bath Spotted Advert • We put our non-stick cookware through the toughest of test conditions to ensure even heat distribution for even cooking. Discover more about our Thermo-

Our non-stick cookware ranges are designed to help you cook tasty meals every day. Avoid frustration whilst cooking; our innovative features help you get the best out of your ingredients. The iconic Thermo-Spot heat indicator changes to solid red to let you know when your pan has reached the ideal cooking temperature and it’s time to add your ingredients. The non-stick ensures your food won’t stick, the pans won’t scratch and they are a breeze to clean.

We put all our non-stick to the test with corrosion, resistance, usage and abrasion cycles to ensure it can handle continuous everyday use. With a lifetime guarantee on our non-stick against blistering and peeling, you can rest assured that when we say it’s non-stick – it really is non-stick.

The pans themselves are put through anti-warping, handle resistance and dishwasher cycles to ensure you have the best of the best.

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Tefal Are you ready for an ice bath Spotted   advert
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