Release Date: 2019-12-18
video Aston Martin Keys Demonstration Advert 2019 • 00:01 [Music]
00:02 [Applause]
00:06 [Laughter]
00:08 [Music]
00:10 this video will familiarize you with the
00:12 three keys you received with your
00:14 vehicle a main key identified by white
00:17 wings an emergency key plus a spare key
00:20 the spare key is identical in function
00:23 to your main key we recommend you use
00:25 this key when you Valley your vehicle or
00:27 in instances where your main key might
00:30 become damaged you can use either key to
00:33 perform the basic functions of unlocking
00:35 looking and releasing the boot of your
00:37 aston martin your car may also have an
00:42 optional keyless entry feature this
00:44 allows you to lock and unlock your
00:46 vehicle while the key is in your pocket
00:48 or handbag to unlock your car simply
00:51 push on the front of the handle to lock
00:53 your car push on the rear of the handle
00:55 please keep in mind a security feature
00:58 only allows unlocking of the door you're
01:01 standing next to this key will also
01:05 allow you to perform more advanced
01:07 functions you can globally open your
01:09 aston martin by pushing down and holding
01:12 the unlock button this will
01:14 automatically open any windows and
01:16 unlock your vehicle it will also open
01:19 the roof on the Volante
01:21 [Music]
01:27 similarly you can globally close your
01:30 vehicle by pushing down and holding the
01:32 lock button this will close all the
01:35 windows and lock the doors
01:36 it will also close the roof on the
01:38 Volante
01:42 [Music]
01:46 another feature you may find useful is
01:49 the single door unlock feature if you
01:52 hold with the lock and unlock buttons
01:54 simultaneously for six seconds it will
01:56 toggle between single door unlock and
01:58 all doors unlock when in the single door
02:01 unlock setting a second press of the
02:03 unlock button will unlock the passenger
02:05 door to conserve the battery of your
02:10 aston martin key double-click the lock
02:12 button to disable your key to reactivate
02:15 your key press any button when near your
02:17 vehicle to replace the battery in your
02:22 key simply remove the back of the key
02:28 your aston martin is also supplied with
02:31 an emergency key this should be used if
02:34 you're unable to access your car with
02:35 the main or spare key we recommend you
02:38 keep this key in a secure and easily
02:40 accessible location do not leave it in
02:42 your vehicle please note that due to
02:44 security protocols it takes several
02:46 weeks to replace this key you may need
02:49 to unlock your aston martin with the
02:51 emergency key should the battery die in
02:54 the main key or if the car battery is
02:56 low you will need to locate the lock
02:58 cylinder hidden behind the driver side
03:00 door handle push the front of the door
03:02 handle and insert the key to unlock the
03:05 door
03:07 to start your car in the event your key
03:10 battery is dead first remove the back of
03:12 the main or spare key then press the
03:15 release button and remove the key cap
03:17 enabling you to plug in the key the key
03:19 dock is located between the cupholders
03:22 in the center console should you need to
03:24 replace the battery of your vehicle
03:26 please note that it is located under the
03:29 right rear passenger seat if the car
03:33 battery voltage is low and requires a
03:35 jump you will find battery jump points
03:38 located under the bonnet to manually
03:43 open the bonnet on DB 11 and DBS you
03:46 will need to access the emergency
03:47 release cables there are two each one is
03:50 located just below the dash in both the
03:53 driver and passenger footwell we hope
03:56 you found this video helpful and that
03:58 you now understand the differences and
04:00 functions of the main key emergency key
04:03 and the spare key
04:05 [Music] - Aston Martin advertsiment spot 2019

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