Release Date: 2019-10-11
video mini WHERE WILL YOUR APPROVED USED MINI TAKE YOU? Advert 2019 • Buy an Approved Used MINI on MINI Finance and discover the opportunities that lie ahead.

00:04 Mini's been in my family for quite a few
00:06 years my mum's had minis and my sister's
00:09 got one my brother's got one
00:11 my brother's wife's got one so he's been
00:14 in that in the blood I passed my driving
00:16 test in M&A; and just through the years
00:18 I've had various minis uncle a driver in
00:20 pajama caper works which I enjoy driving
00:24 very comfortable reliable I do get a
00:26 couple of buy races lights like new
00:29 she's a bit old to be driving one of
00:30 those but it's good fun it's nippy and
00:32 its eye catching as well my mom has
00:35 always told me a story that she learned
00:37 to drive in a mini one that she used to
00:38 start with a push button on the floor I
00:40 never believed her I always thought that
00:42 was lies but that's influenced me and
00:45 made me always consider a mini now about
00:47 two
00:47 [Music]
00:49 the gist unique are never different
00:51 we've been going for like what six years
00:53 I don't know my first mini was just a
00:56 basic mini no radio you know he's too
00:59 great with the girls in it and it was
01:00 just nice to go out and have a a bit of
01:03 freedom as well and have my own car my
01:06 first mini was a Cooper which I had for
01:09 nine months that was on a bank loan
01:10 decided I wanted to submit different so
01:12 I changed the de Cooper us through many
01:14 financial services on a three-year
01:16 agreement because I like to change my
01:17 car quite often so it worked really well
01:18 for me the financial service team in
01:22 Vinnie they really made it easy for me
01:24 to come to a decision they laid out all
01:26 the costs told me exactly how much it
01:27 would be a month and made it affordable
01:29 for my deposit as well so they made it
01:32 practical
01:35 my minis enabled me to keep in touch
01:37 with my family my sister lives the other
01:39 side of help it
01:39 so it's nice just to be able to swing by
01:41 drop in have a coffee in the ketchup or
01:44 go out for the day with my friends
01:48 I'm proud of him to be honest that is
01:50 actually done me and he's he knows what
01:53 he can afford he's not gone in a rage of
01:55 his death painting because he's just a
01:57 lot of miles with obviously work and
01:59 going into University it's nice to know
02:01 that he's gonna get there and he's not
02:03 gonna break down and just safe and
02:06 reliable and it's got a nice car and it
02:08 suits him my mini financial service
02:11 package has enabled me just to live my
02:13 life to take the car where if I need to
02:15 go and it's a nice cottage or - Mini advertsiment spot 2019

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