Release Date: 2019-10-03
video Lidl Working in our warehouses Advert 2019 • It all comes back to you: take a journey with one of our signature products and discover more about where you could join our Lidl GB team.

00:00 ah little extra mature cheddar that's me
00:04 it takes an impressive team of people to
00:06 get great products like me from our
00:08 stores to your dinner tables so let's go
00:11 meet them meet Maria just like her our
00:15 store teams work hard to look after
00:17 thousands of customers all around the
00:19 country and for our products reach our
00:22 stores there's one place where they all
00:24 come together the warehouse our
00:28 warehouses stock everything we sell in
00:30 our stores this is where our warehouse
00:32 operatives work together to pick pack
00:34 and sawdust products while our assistant
00:37 team managers delegate day-to-day tasks
00:40 and look after our people on the
00:41 warehouse floor then there's our team
00:43 managers who look after our people's
00:45 training and development as well as
00:47 overall operations planning well done
00:51 whoops time to go one our desk clerks
00:54 crunch the numbers and process orders to
00:56 make sure every store receives the stock
00:58 they need when they need it our supply
01:02 chain team manage all the processes they
01:04 get our products from our warehouses to
01:06 our stores how Gouda are they our head
01:10 office Dean's do what they do best from
01:12 buying IT marketing and Quality
01:15 Assurance it's all thanks to band my
01:17 journey is a real Derry tale see what I
01:20 did there Emma Emma did you get it and
01:23 of course if all starts were sourcing
01:25 the freshest finest products from our
01:26 trusted suppliers because even the best
01:28 cheese is only as good as the milk it
01:30 came from so there we are it's all
thanks to the great people at little at
first class product like me keep our
01:37 customers coming back thanks a bunch
01:39 team it all comes back to you and the
01:41 work you do
01:44 [Music] - Lidl advertsiment spot 2019

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