Release Date: 2019-08-01
video Betfair Exchange | More Ways To Bet. More Ways To Win Advert 2019 • The Betfair Exchange is different because you’re betting against fellow bettors, so you can get better odds, set your own, sports trade and even lay a bet.

00:06 what if I told you that the bet fair
00:09 exchange offers you more than a
00:11 traditional bookmaker no magic truth a
00:18 book he gives you odds and you bet on
00:21 them or not which is fine if you like
00:23 that sort of thing but the bet fair
00:25 exchange is different you'll be burning
00:29 against fellow betters so you could get
00:32 better odds and it also mean so you can
00:34 lay a bet that's spending on something
00:37 not to happen
00:38 and taking money from those who think it
00:40 will and that bet doesn't have to be the
00:45 odds on offer you can set your own odds
00:47 and if someone likes them the bet is on
00:53 and then there's sports trading where
00:55 you don't even have to pick a winner to
00:57 make a profit you can make money if the
01:00 odds move in your favor like you can on
01:02 the stock market then say you're into
01:07 the horses you can bet in play so that
01:10 when that slow starter starts moving up
01:12 through the gears you could better just
01:14 the right moment to take the spoils I
01:17 mean after all nobody wants to be paid
01:21 in peanuts that's the bet fair exchange
01:25 a different way to bet that offers you
01:28 more than you're used to magic the bet
01:38 fair exchange
01:39 [Music]
- Betfair advertsiment spot 2019

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