Release Date: 2019-07-31
video Nintendo Fire Emblem: Three Houses – Welcome to the Blue Lions (Nintendo Switch) Advert 2019 • "The Blue Lions walk the true path of justice."

Fire Emblem: Three Houses is out now on Nintendo Switch!

00:01 welcome to the officers Academy home to
00:04 three houses in need of your tutelage
00:06 and your strategic prowess in battle oh
00:09 I should introduce myself i am dmitry
00:12 Alexandra bladed house leader of the
00:15 blue lions coveting strength and
00:17 chivalry our students hail from the holy
00:19 kingdom of Fargas I am its Prince yet no
00:23 stranger to misfortune our coat of arms
00:25 draws inspiration from our territories
00:28 founder the king of lions and his
00:30 penchant for blue
00:31 now Fargas spans the frigid north of
00:33 Philemon and our students are stronger
00:35 for it case in point to do an outsider
00:40 in my service for four years to get past
00:42 that furrowed brow and you'll find his
00:44 inherent kindness I will make you a
00:46 quality meal as thanks for your service
00:48 to His Highness Oh Sylvain we grew up
00:51 together
00:52 except he became a bit of a well the
00:54 skirt-chaser
00:55 we're working on that there is so much
00:57 more to you no I'm kidding don't look at
01:01 me like that Ingrid is another childhood
01:04 friend only this one is principal
01:06 industrious and far Knightley ER than
01:08 Sylvain that's for sure it's always been
01:10 that way
01:11 care to join me in some training as
01:13 their professor you must lead your
01:15 students in their academic lives and in
01:17 turn-based tactical combat but I must
01:21 ask which house will you choose
01:23 when you're ready that's your decision
01:25 to make until then it would be wise to
01:28 acquaint yourself with the other houses
01:29 and don't forget the blue Lions walk the
01:32 true path of justice
01:34 [Music]
- Nintendo advertsiment spot 2019

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