Release Date: 2019-06-25
video Marvel Spider-Man Far From Home Trailer #2 Advert 2019 • "Are you going to step up or not?" Watch the Spider-Man: Far From Home trailer now! In cinemas 5 July

00:00 the spider-man far from home trailer is
00:01 about to play but if you haven't seen
00:03 Avengers end game yet stop watching
00:05 because there's some serious spoilers
00:07 about to come up but if you have seen
00:09 Avengers in game enjoy the trailer
00:12 everywhere I go I see his face just
00:16 really miss him
00:18 yeah miss him too I don't think Tony
00:22 would have done what he did if he didn't
00:24 know that you were gonna be here after
00:26 he was gone
00:33 you gonna be in next autumn right now
00:36 well no I don't have time I'm too busy
00:37 doing your jobs oh I'm kidding I'm
00:39 kidding look keep up the good work
00:41 because I am going on vacation
00:46 heads up Nick Fury is calling you I
00:49 don't really want to talk to me resolve
00:51 why because if you don't talk to him and
00:53 I have to talk I don't want to talk
00:54 about you sent Nick Fury to voicemail I
00:57 gotta go
00:57 you do not ghost Nick Fury dorks what's
01:00 up we're just talking about the trip I'm
01:03 here insane Marco Polo's oh I think MJ
01:05 really likes me alone you're a very
01:10 difficult person to contact spider-man
01:16 this is mr. Beck we could use someone
01:20 like you on my world new world Beck is
01:22 from Earth just not ours the snap to our
01:24 home in our dimension we have a job to
01:30 do
01:30 you're coming with us
01:35 it's gotta be something else you can use
01:36 what about the offworld catching her
01:39 unavailable but who's defending
01:43 neighborhood spider-man
01:46 bitch please you've been to space what
01:49 do you want Peter I want to go back on
01:53 my trip with the girl who I really like
01:54 and tell her how I feel
01:55 MJ I am spider-man no of course not I
01:59 mean it's kind of obvious you're right
02:03 you may not be ready but this is my
02:05 responsibility
02:06 saving the world requires sacrifice
02:09 sometimes people die
02:14 stylish feel like I'm putting my friends
02:16 in danger
02:17 the world needs next Ironman you're
02:23 going to step up not
02:32 [Music]
02:37 here I work with spider-man do work for
02:40 spider-man I won't win spider-man not
02:42 for spider-man
02:47 you
02:48 [Music]
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