Release Date: 2019-06-12
video Haig Club Fatherhood with David and Ted Beckham Advert 2019 • No two dads are exactly the same, but these two share a few similarities. This Father’s Day, watch David and his dad, Ted, as they discuss their takes on fatherhood over a Haig Club cocktail #MakeYourOwnRules

00:00 [Music]
00:00 [Applause]
00:00 [Music]
00:01 Cheers you've turned out exactly how I
00:05 wanted yeah hard the moment I go home
00:11 from school I'd turn around to you to
00:13 say let's go over the park
00:14 or let's go out in the garden and you
00:15 never said no to me when you actually
00:18 become a parent it changes you in so
00:20 many different ways you just want to be
00:22 with them it doesn't make you grown up
00:23 and and feel special I remember the
00:26 moment Brooklyn was born I slept with my
00:28 head against the door because I was so
00:31 worried that someone was gonna come in I
00:33 don't think that ever changes I think
00:34 lunch I always worry about I'm trying
00:36 new kids that's part being parents well
00:39 I'm chuffed about with your boys is a
00:42 polite way off the thing that's
00:44 important to me is being present with
00:46 them when I'm at home is taking them to
00:49 school every morning when I went in had
00:51 my first tattoo done I was 14 you told
00:54 me you'd never get a tow really yeah
00:57 because when you see more on your way to
00:58 debt updates
00:59 I'll wait yeah yeah I say that yeah you
01:01 did and now look at you listen this is
01:06 something that I've had for years that I
01:09 thought you'd like to see so I was there
01:13 I've kept that I'm really neat writing
01:16 yeah I think it was about freezing
01:19 you ain't turned out too bad
01:21 all right well I suppose cheers boy
01:24 happy Father's Day dad
01:28 you
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