Release Date: 2019-05-03
video Tommee Tippee Hack the Toddler Stage - Momsplained - Scary Mommy Advert 2019 • We ain’t got time for spills. Or mascara-running. Or sleep deprivation. From leak-proof 360 cups to naptime blackout binds, we’ve got you covered to hack it through the toddler years.

About Momsplained:
Moms, listen up. It’s time for some straight talk, mother to mother. “Momsplained” is a series of unfiltered tips on how to tackle everything motherhood sends your way.

00:00 today on mom's plane for essentials to
00:02 hack the toddler stage because your baby
00:04 is now fully mobile and despite their
00:06 adorable looks is low-key testing your
00:09 patience and it's too late to get your
00:11 deposit back hack one wipes everywhere I
00:14 know baby wipes not a new hack but do
00:17 you realize the versatility of these
00:19 god-given cloths they can be used for
00:21 literally anything mascara running for
00:23 both baby photos white deodorant on your
00:26 shirt
00:27 wipes week old ketchup white pack 2
00:31 leak-proof Cup toddlers are clumsy and I
00:34 ain't got time for spills check this
00:36 Tommee Tippee 360 cup watch and learn
00:43 twist law boom doesn't leak and your kid
00:48 can drink from any edge of the cup it
00:50 also has a cover so you can't cover it I
00:53 throw it in your bag yes that has my
00:55 iced coffee in it don't judge me I have
00:57 needs hack 3 a friend you can vent to
01:00 there will be those days when you just
01:02 got to go off on life and you better
01:05 have a good friend who's willing to
01:06 listen to you rant without judgment I'm
01:09 talking about a real friend you can say
01:11 all the things to and he will never
01:13 throw them back in your face yes I hate
01:15 them too
01:16 they are dead to me hack for blackout
01:21 blinds the only way you'll survive these
01:23 trying times is if you get some sleep
01:25 for those of you forgot sleep is the
01:27 thing you got a lot of before you had
01:29 kids remember you had energy your skin
01:31 was clear and you didn't have a 30-pound
01:33 gymnast kicking you in the ribs at foria
01:35 go all out dark dungeon mode it's the
01:39 only way to roll go by
01:44 [Music]
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