Release Date: 2019-04-25
video Nivea Behind the scenes - NIVEA SUN 2019 "Mr Sun" Advert 2019 •
00:01 so we're shooting a commercial took 40
00:06 Olivia in in South Africa in Cape Town
00:09 to be precise yeah to promote Sun
00:12 awareness yeah yes
00:13 what are you doing what do you mean what
00:15 am i doing I'm putting on Sun cream when
00:17 it does get hot in the UK we all ignore
00:19 the fact we actually need to put cream
00:22 on because we think we're fine yeah the
00:25 Sun can't come through clouds why
00:27 haven't you play a sound cream on Taurus
00:29 we see it's not like the song of the
00:31 holiday
00:31 well I okay yeah and then there's a day
00:34 after it's been sunny wear your red and
00:36 everyone's embarrassed and there's
00:38 normally like a book with t-shirt mom
00:40 good work yeah my top tips are to be
00:44 safe in the showroom my first joint is
00:46 and if you go not in the Sun no in the
00:49 pool put some cream on and my second one
00:52 is make sure you come later so I put a
00:55 hat on or something like that and my
00:58 favorite names make sure like here in
01:01 the shade somewhere if you're gonna stay
01:03 there for a long time
01:05 wear a hat stay in the shade as much as
01:08 possible and in liberal applications of
01:10 southernfry it's been really good if
01:13 they say don't work with children
01:14 animals but I have to say it's been a
01:16 real joy
01:17 it's been amazing and dusted the double
01:19 exposure so much it's pretty great team
01:21 and yeah
01:22 it's been nice to have such great
01:24 importance
01:25 I'm doing here yeah please bring us back
01:29 Hey
01:31 [Music]
- Nivea advertsiment spot 2019

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